About Us      

Training and Transformation Business Solutions is a 100% Black female owned consulting firm aimed at providing services to the retail industry to improve performance, increase profits and assist organisations with process, procedure and development needs.  We pride ourselves in our dedication and commitment to skills development.

Training through T&T Business Solutions is the launch pad to the next stage of your Company’s success. With growing pressure placed on business to guarantee success, there is no better option than to train and equip staff and management with the relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes to competently execute their jobs. The training will create a workforce of professionals within the organisation in various job categories creating a culture of exceptional performance, productivity and ultimately a World Class company delivering on sustainable profitable growth.

T&T Business Solutions adopts the blended learning approach that integrates E-Learning, face to face and distance learning. This allows business the opportunity to acquire a portfolio of managerial and operational skills to enhance performance potential according to the basic principles of adult learning which is learning at their own pace and time.



To be a successful sustainable business in the automotive industry that enhances the lives of the individuals we connect with, whilst consistently improving the business results of our clients.


To provide education, training and facilitation that creates personal growth and sustainable business results that provides a measurable return on investment.

Proof of Accreditation and Alignment

In a changing learning environment the focus on providing quality, aligned interventions that empower the audiences to achieve greater results is growing.

We are obtaining accreditation for the Automotive Sales and Support Services qualification, SAQA 64289, NQF level 4.


Training and Transformation Business Solutions is a 100% black owned private company. The company was formed in 2014 and is a BBBEE Level 1 organisation.  The company is currently obtaining formal certification and a BBBEE certificate will be available by the end of October 2014. 

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